Monday, November 21, 2011

Something Smells Fishy

Okay, I know I'm probably the only one, but...does anyone else out there get a fishy smell on their hands when they peel clementines? I didn't think so. It happens sometimes with regular oranges too. I've been peeling a lot of them since our neighbor, Vicky, brought over a bunch. The kids love them and I do too, but I have to wash my hand immediately or the algae fishy smell makes me gag. Maybe it is like the thing where some people (not anyone in our family, thankfully!) think cilantro tastes like soap.
Penne-Wise Peanutty Pasta from Vegan on the Cheap (with veggies added and almond butter used instead of peanut butter) and peeled clementines
The kids liked this pasta to spite their initial skepticism. They complain each and every time I mention serving pasta these days. It is just too boring. In the end, they enjoyed it to the point of being sad when it was all gone, but there was much groaning before they took a bite. They think I'm cutting corners when I make pasta and they want a "real meal". Hopefully, it will come back in fashion when warmer weather comes, but for now I'll give the people what the want - soups, brown rice and veggies, enchiladas, etc.

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