Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mice and Beans

Mice and Beans was one of Parker's favorite books when he was little. He loved all books and I would read hundreds of books to him a day, sometimes until midnight. Ah the joys of parenting one, how easy it was! This book has a compassionate theme and, although it uses personification to make the mice seem lovable, it is pretty cute. They do talk about cheese in this book, just in case some of vegan parents out there mind. Recipes are included at the end of the book. I know I avoided a lot of books when the kids were younger based on food they discussed or depicted. Mice and Beans also has nice messages about family and what is important (it doesn't matter if your house is too small or your napkins don't match). This is the time of year when mice try to take up residence in our old house so I try to remember they are sentient beings too as I try my best to keep them out.

We ate a lot of rice and beans (and greens) last week. In various combinations, it never gets old. My kids always go for black beans if they have a choice and it turns out, they are higher in antioxidants than other beans so - good choice!
Brown rice, black beans, garlicky kale and turnip greens, Amy's black bean and corn salsa, and tofu burritos.
An inside view because of love the little "hairs" on the turnip greens.
Beans and greens with salsa and tofu.

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