Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy ThanksLiving!

We had our second annual Thanksgiving Indian Feast. When Columbus bumped into an inhabited island which would later be part of what many considered the New World, he thought he had landed in India. Some say he was pretty insistent about finding "India" to his dying day. So we think Indian food is just, if not more, appropriate for Thanksgiving than what had become "tradition" in the last 150 years. We celebrate with a sense of irony, but more importantly a deep love for Indian food. This year we are thankful to have Gita and Seth with their girls, my sister and her fiance and their friends Lesley and Don, and my dear friend, Monique, who I've known since Parker was a toddler and her new beau, Ernesto, with us to celebrate. We made enough food for several parties and everyone brought delicious dishes too so I was pretty sure I wouldn't need to eat again for a week.
Rob's Baingan Bharta - when we used to frequent Indian restaurants in the DC area, baingan bharta was Rob's dish. I have grown to like the homemade version much more than what we can get when eating out.
Rob's Chana Masala - we make chana masala a lot and it is one of our kids' favorites.
Rob's Mushrooms with Peas - suggested we make this and it was good, but I would make a few changes. Parker is all about mushrooms right now for the health benefits so he was happy to see this on the table.
Rob's Bhindi Masala - I would marry Rob all over again for this bhindi. It is by far my favorite dish!
Rob's Vegetable Pulav - I suggested we make this new to us recipe from Manjula's Kitchen and now I'm sure this will be a staple at our dinner table. We made plain brown basmati rice too, but next time we will make this with the brown.
Linda's Ginger Cookies - These are from Healthy Cooking for Kids. Josie formed the dough balls for me so they aren't the prettiest. I was originally going to make Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pecan Crunch with the ginger cookies and the nuts below, but the kids liked them so well as they were that I left them.
Linda's Maple Roasted Nuts - I used to make these all the time. The recipe is from Healthy Cooking for Kids which was my first favorite cookbook after having Parker. I used cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and Brazil nuts.
I've made this before (in fact this picture is from a couple Thanksgivings ago) and the kids always ask why I don't make it more often. It is super easy so I might make it a couple more times before the end of the year.
Gita's Aloo Gobi - Aloo Gobi was my first love when it comes to Indian cuisine so I was happy to see Gita brought some.
Gita's Apple Pie - Gita is famous at our house for her pies, they never disappoint. She also brought coconut ice cream to put on top.
Ernesto's Cuban Beans and Rice with Plantains - The best beans and rice. He used frozen plantains, I have to try that. I also fell in love with his rice cooker with the clay pot. If anyone out there has one, let me know how you like it.
Karen's Seitan Parmesan - I need to loan Vegan Diner to Karen more often and have her come over for dinner.
Stuart's Fruit with Ginger - Stuart shares Josie's love of ginger.
Stuart's Colorful Salad - Josie is looking at this right now and asking for some. It was chock full of great things from Brussel spouts to purple cabbage to quinoa!
Stuart also brought some great falafel from a mix, and Lesley brought a yummy fruit crisp which I didn't get a picture of.  Gita brought her raita (the yogurt looking topping in the middle of the plate) and it is always such a treat because we never make it for ourselves. We also made some samosas and paratha from the freezer. Whew, that is a lot of food!
I bought this three in one slow cooker last year and I'm always so happy with my purchase, especially when we have parties.
Friday I avoided cleaning up from the party by cleaning out the garage. This led to Josie deciding to try her hand at a pedal bike. She loves her balance bike (we are anti-training wheels) so I didn't push the next step, but she was really awesome on the bike and spent the entire beautiful unseasonably warm November day cycling around the park. Dema learned to ride on this bike (handed down to us by a friend whose youngest son borrowed our balance bike which helped him learn to ride the pedal bike) when he was three Easter weekend. He also learned by riding around our park. A perfect way to spend the day off. We may have also eaten a bunch of leftovers, it was too good day.


Cadry said...

I love the idea of an Indian feast on Thanksgiving. Very funny and clever! It looks like it was a deliciously unconventional Thanksgiving meal.

VeganLinda said...

It was really delicious! I think next year we might do a Cuban theme instead. We've been getting into Latin cooking lately. I enjoy Thanksgiving so much more when we do something unconventional. :-)