Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Terrific Tea Parties

Two of Josie's BFFs had a tea party for their fourth birthday (they are twins) and Josie thought it was the best party ever. Here are some pictures from the 2010 tea party.
 Beautiful (vegan) butterfly cupcakes.
 Fun (vegan) finger food. Josie loves Gita's sushi and I ate more than my share of the cute little quiches.
 Gita always has fun crafts at her party. The boys are decorating hats.
  The adults get to have fun too. Aviva and me enjoying our tea.
 Parker, Teagan, and Dema drinking tea and eating awesome cupcakes.
 The birthday girls, Indigo and Amara, all dressed up for a party.
 Josie anticipating the cupcake.
 Yep, it was yummy!
 How many kids can you pile into a wagon?
 Teagan with a fun fashion statement. Don't you love the cute little chairs and tables?

So awesome, in fact, she talked about it all year until finally they turned five and we could attend another cool tea party hosted by Gita and Seth (the parents). Last Sunday was, for Josie, the event of the season. Here are some pictures from the 2011 tea party.
 My kids heading out for this year's tea party.
 The cute tables set for tea.
Lemon vegan cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.
 The girls intensely working on decorating cups (also had hats this year too). Photo by Erin D.
 More crafting. Photo by Erin D.
Parker admiring his cup, but look at Gita and Seth's gorgeous veggie garden in the background. Photo by Erin D.
Cute little fairies/princesses sipping their tea. Photo by Erin D.
The birthday girls enjoying their tea party. Photo by Erin D.
Dema drinking tea and eating copious amounts of mini vegan quiches and sandwiches. Photo by Erin D.
Seth serving cupcakes with candles for the birthday girls. Photo by Erin D.
Parker serving tea to Josie and Amara. Photo by Erin D.
Josie pouring tea. Photo by Erin D.
Another perfect tea party. Fun to see how much they have all grown in the past year. Photo by Erin D.


Katie Gibbs said...

Gave you the Liebster award today!!

carey-olsen family said...

The girls are already making plans for next years tea party. I believe that birthdays and tea are becoming synonymous for them. I'm just glad that their friends like tea parties too!

VeganLinda said...

Katie, Thanks!!