Monday, October 31, 2011

Thai-Centric Mac and Cheese

Thai-Centric Mac and Cheese from Urban Vegan's new cookbook, Celebrate Vegan
Love Thai, love vegan mac and cheese so no surprise that it was love at first bite! I didn't use coconut oil (don't usually have it and am trying to cut down on all oils), used the Vitamix, served with quinoa pasta, and added some veggies for a orange Halloween lunch. Celebrate Vegan is going on my holiday wish list.

I hope you all have a great Halloween. I really enjoyed VeganMoFo this year and look forward to catching up on all the posts I missed during the month.

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Karen said...

Thanks, Linda! I love your Mac-N-Cheese (the ones that I have had). I was on-line looking for some Mac-N-Cheese options and your blog gave me several! I am going to make one of them for a pot-luck this evening. -karen