Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tester Tuesday - Tiramisu Parfaits

Vegan Tiramisu Parfaits, 'nuff said.
VL Note: To celebrate 13 lucky years of wedded bliss (17 years of being partners and best friends), I dug back through my draft posts and found this from last winter which I never published. I thought it fitting since Robin Robertson's latest cookbook Quick-Fix Vegan is officially released today and I'm making this recipe for a special dessert tonight for my love. A perfect way to celebrate!
I have legendary issues with caffeine. Rob loves coffee, the stronger the better, but I get the jitters from a cup of black tea. While we were traveling years ago, before we had kids, I drank a cup of decaf at dinner, and he still remembers how I was up all night, pacing the hotel room. I have the occasional frou-frou drink (decaf, soy latte, with a splash of mint...on ice, in the summer), but most of the time I shun coffee and embrace tea (lately, I am partial to white). I have long dedicated myself to breaking Rob's caffeine habit, while he sites every study (oops, we use a French press) he can find which shines a positive light on coffee consumption. I even refused to learn how to make coffee for 39 years until...
After being laid off from his job, Rob was living in North Carolina, spending time with his dad and family while I was living in Illinois with the kids. I was testing recipes for Robin Robertson, one of my favorite cookbook authors, and I came to her Vegan Tiramisu Parfaits recipe. I had to learn how to make coffee. I took pride in the fact that I had never made a cup of coffee nor mowed a lawn with a gas mower (a story for another day), but I was willing to break my streak for the much higher purpose which is now known as Quick-Fix Vegan. Rob had to email instructions to me and because it was winter, I chose to test these delightful concoctions in the morning for lighting purposes. Maybe not such a good idea for a "single" anti-caffeine mom to start her homeschooling day with a shot of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar...or perhaps I'm on to something! It was a pretty fun filled day if I remember properly.
Anyway, I'm sure I don't have to tell you, these parfaits are delectable. Great for entertaining. I made some a few days later (I'm a dedicated tester, I tell you) and the kids had some in a bowl sans Kahlua. They voted it one of the best desserts ever. I sheepishly admit this recipe made a moderate coffee drinker out of me. The several months Rob was living in another state, smelling coffee made me feel closer to him and gave me a nice "adult" treat to start  some of my wonderful child-filled days. As much as we missed each other, it was such a positive experience. I really enjoyed concentrating my attention on the kids and we have a different groove when Rob is gone, Rob turned a sometimes strained relationship with his father into something much closer than he thought possible, and it allowed for a job working from home to find him so we have more life choices than we've even had since having children. Things really do have a way a working out.
Happy Anniversary, my dear! I love our crazy life together and how we always strive to live our values, keep searching and learning, and have fun at the same time.


"Meat-free" Mike said...

WOW! Happy Anniversary to you both! You folks are some of my favorite people in all the kingdom of Chambana Land! Many more great years together!!!

Stefanie said...

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful! And those parfaits look suitably celebratory and delicious!

VeganLinda said...

Mike and Stefanie,