Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Soup's On

We are entering that time of year when I have to fight the urge to hibernate. If I give in this early in the fall, I'll drive myself insane by the time winter arrives and you who knows if I'd come out alive in spring. We live in an old drafty house and we try to wait until my birthday in November to turn on the heat so this time a year it can be a toss up to which is warmer; outside or inside. Often we'll be bundled up in layers inside to come out to a beautiful fall day and peel the layers off until it is time to go home again. I wore a hoodie to bed last night and Josie is already using her footy pjs. Today it is mid-40's, rainy, and windy. Probably my least favorite weather, but the dread of colder, ever less hospitable temps makes me push through the day and even try to embrace it. We are heading into fourth winter as a car-free family and this transition to cooler and colder temps is always the hardest for me. I did fine in the pouring rain walking Josie to ballet while she stayed warm and dry in the Chariot. I will suck it up cycling to pick up Parker from school, but in between I had soup. Soup keeps me sane.
Autumn Abundance soup for lunch today (served with hummus, seitan, carrot wraps and apple slices)
 Oh and if you want an adorable Vegan Dish bowl like this one (we luuuvvvveee ours and use them all the time), check out today's veganmofo giveaway.


carey-olsen family said...

Oh was such a soup day. I ended up making such a big pot of minestrone that I almost thought about inviting you guys over to share it with us. Of course the thought entered my head too late in the day and it was probably too miserable out for the walk between our houses anyway. But yes, all I've been craving lately is soup.

Your soups look absolutely amazing and your wraps look amazing too. I wish that lunch looked this organized at our house :)

VeganLinda said...

Thanks for thinking of us. I need to make minestrone. I rarely think to make it, but the kids love it at your house.

Oh you know us, organized is our middle name...hahahahahaha. :-)