Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oktoberfest Vegan Meet-Up

Happy 1st Day of Vegan MoFo everyone! We are a family of five vegans and you'll hear from each of us during this year's MoFo.

Quick post tonight because we hosted a vegan meet-up and the kids are still pretty wired and need to go to sleep. Dema (7) took all the pictures while drooling hungrily. I know he missed several of the dishes so I hope Rachel covers them.
Josie (4) and I made Energy Bites from Quick-Fix Vegan. I tested this recipe and make it a little different each time, but the kids always love them. They are great treats to pack in the To-Go Ware for Parker (11) on school days and have on hand for the younger kids while we are about town. They are a combo of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc. and I like to roll them in unsweetened coconut flakes. I also eat one or two with my morning tea if the kids don't eat them all.
I steamed a seitan loaf from Vegan Diner and Rob cooked it up with some local collards for one of our favorite dishes.
Rob also roasted beets from our lovely mini-CSA grown by our friends at The Mulberries Farm and Orchard. I can not say enough about the produce we receive. I look forward to Fridays just for the awesome CSA share.
We can't take credit for this mac and cheeze bake with onions as the secret ingredient. Even Rob, a vegan mac and cheeze snob, enjoyed this dish.
Rachel made this sweet and crunchy Waldorf-like (I didn't detect any celery, which is a plus for me) fruit salad. The kids had several servings, but I was still able to snag some myself. I hope she posts a recipe.
 Here is my plate piled high with goodies. I can't remember who brought the homemade sausage and Amelia brought the bundles (I think they were seitan in pastry, but I can tell you for sure that they were good!).
Ben brought an extremely rich and dreamy German Chocolate Cake, it is Oktoberfest. It took me back to my mom's non-vegan German Chocolate Cake and that makes me very happy. Thank you!

Sorry we didn't get pictures of all the other food. I made a squash soup which I will cover in another post and there was a potato leek soup I didn't even get a chance to try, several apple desserts, and more. Glad I went to the gym this morning because I am very full of yummy food tonight.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Soooo much delicious food - ehat a great meet up.
Happy MoFo'ing

Rachel said...

I have an Oktoberfest scheduled for Monday (Oct. 3), but your pictures summarized most everything! I'm glad I left the celery out of the salad. When I wrote the recipe, I added it in but was feeling too lazy to chop it at the last minute.

Babette said...

I want a piece of that cake SO much! It looks way too good.