Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

There is such a thing as free dessert. Thanks to the wonderful folks at VeganMoFo headquarters, we won free Amande Yogurt in the giveaway. I never win giveaways, so it was even more fun. The kids waited impatiently every day for our coupons to arrive in the mail. They came the day we went shopping, after we had already returned...bummer.
Rob went shopping this morning and came back with a bike trailer filled with food and four containers of almond yogurt. Parker and I were already preparing lunch, but Josie and Dema could barely contain their excitement so I said they could have some as dessert.
Parker made some yummy vegan mac/quinoa shell and cheese for lunch and I warmed up some Diwali dal and chapatis. Parker has a new blog and will share his recipe for cheese sauce there. It is definitely full fat and low on nutrition, but sometimes comfort food is more than the sum of its nutrients.
The kids tried the cherry flavor and the coconut flavor Amande yogurts and the boys preferred the cherry. Josie and Rob preferred the coconut. I had a small taste of each and I like the shredded coconut texture in the coconut, but I think I liked the cherry a bit better. The texture was very similar to the soy yogurt we usually buy and the kids said they like it just as well. "It was filled with delicious yumminess." said Parker, but he added "I don't want to insult the soy yogurt company. I really enjoy them both." Always the diplomat. I would buy both again as a special treat, but when we buy yogurt we usually buy bigger containers so my next Amande purchase will be the 24 oz. vanilla.
Thanks Amande and VeganMoFo!!!

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