Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview - Vegan Seven Year Old

An interview with a real life seven year old vegan boy (my son, Dema). These interviews (last Monday I posted one with his older brother) are completely unedited with no coaching and I was even surprised by some of the answers.
VL: How are old are you?
D: Seven.
VL: How long have you been vegan?
D: Forever. One day I ate a granola bar with honey, but that doesn't change my being vegan.
VL: Why are you vegan?
D: Because if I wasn't vegan it would hurt the animals and I wouldn't like that. I think it hurts the environment to eat meat. I think everyone should be vegan on this Earth.
VL: What is your favorite fruit?
D: Bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, raspberries, mangoes, pears, watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe, musk melon, and pineapple.
VL: What is your favorite vegetable?
D: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, stuffed grape leaves, and corn.
VL: Do you think you'll be vegan when you are older?
D: Yes!
VL: What is your favorite breakfast?
D: Banana pancakes and waffles.
VL: What is your favorite lunch?
D: Nut butter and jelly sandwiches.
VL: What is your favorite dinner?
D: Tofu with kale and rice.

VL: What is your favorite snack?
D: The granola bars I have at friend's house
VL: What is your favorite animal?
D: Kittens, puppies, blue whales, lions, black panthers, cheetahs, leopards, and great white sharks. I like pigs also, you can't forget pigs. I really like Parker the pig who is at the animal sanctuary my mom used to volunteer at, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. My mom is sweet to animals.
VL: What is your favorite insect?
D: Butterfly, definitely.
VL: What is your favorite physical activity?
D: Riding my bike, riding my scooter, playing flag football.
VL: What is your favorite hobby?
D: Playing with Lego, playing on the computer, or imagining.

VL: What is the hardest thing about being vegan?
D: Some restaurants don't have vegan food. Choosing what to eat.

VL: What is the easiest thing about being vegan?
D: You don't get sick as much. I mean I really never get sick.
VL: Are your friends cool about you being vegan?
D: Yes.

VL: Do you ever eat at your friends' houses?
D: My best friend isn't vegan, but they often serve vegan food and I'm always welcome for dinner. In fact, a couple nights ago my family and my best friend's family all went to dinner together.
VL: What is your favorite restaurant?
D: I don't have a favorite, but I like Chipotle, Chicago Diner (I don't live in Chicago, but I've been to the Chicago Diner), Thara Thai, Cactus Grill, Esquire, Aroma, Cafe Kopi, Strawberry Fields, and Common Ground Co-op.
VL: What would you tell people who want to go vegan?
D: I would tell them, "You made the right choice."

Thanks, Dema! We will hear more from Dema later in VeganMoFo and he is happy to answer any questions you may have.


Rob said...

Dema You Rock. Keep being awesome.

Chubby Vegan Mom said...

What an awesome idea! It's SO nice to see other vegan kids flourishing! Way to go veg momma!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool, I only wish it was easier for me. I started going vegan this year. I'm sixteen and sometimes it's hard because I can't find many things that taste good to me. I can be a picky eater but the fact that this seven year old can do this then I believe I can too. You inspire me!! :D keep doing what your doing.