Monday, October 3, 2011

Interview - Vegan Eleven Year Old

Interview with a real life vegan tween (my son, Parker):

VL: Hi, Parker, how old are you?
P: Eleven

VL: How long have you been vegan?
P: Forever, as long as I've lived.

VL: Why are you vegan?
P: It is good for the environment. Eating meat hurts animals. It's healthy.
VL: What is your favorite vegetable?
P: I like all vegetables.

VL: Even beets?
P: No, not always.
VL: What is your favorite fruit?
P: I like all fruits, except for non-pureed tomatoes.

VL: Have you ever wanted to try meat?
P: Not meat, but I have had one non-vegan marshmallow at a neighbor's cookout. I was little.

VL: Do friends ever ask about why you are vegan?
P: Lots of times. At school people will ask what is in my sandwich or what I'm eating.

VL: Do they understand or not?
P: A little of both. More understanding.

VL: Do they ever eat some of your food?
P: Sometimes, but not often at school.

VL: Do you think you'll be vegan after you grow up?
P: YES!!!!!!!

VL: What is your favorite breakfast?
P: I like most things we have for breakfast, but not the same thing every day.
VL: What is your favorite lunch?
P: A wrap with pickles, Vegenaise, lettuce, avocado, hot sauce, za'atar, seitan or baked tofu, and sometimes vegan cheese.
VL: What is your favorite snack?
P: Any fruit or berry.
VL: What is your favorite dinner?
 P: Brown or black rice, sauteed garlicky kale, tofu, and tahini sauce.
VL: What is your favorite dessert?
P: We don't usually have dessert, but I'd say vegan ice cream (cookie dough or raspberry).
VL: What is the easiest thing about being vegan?
P: There are so many good vegan foods.
VL: What is the hardest thing about being vegan?
P: There isn't always vegan food available at parties.
VL: What is your favorite hobby?
P: Playing with Lego, painting, reading, inventing things, cooking, and imagining.
VL: What are your favorite physical activities?
P: Soccer, riding my scooter, swimming, and riding my bike.

VL: What would you tell someone who wants to switch to a vegan diet?
P: I would suggest some vegan foods they might like.

VL: Do you have a favorite non-human animal?
P: Pig.

Thanks, Parker, we'll hear from you later in this year's Vegan Month of Food.

Parker is happy to take questions from the readers, so post a comment and he'll answer.


MeShell said...

This was pretty awesome to read!

His favourite lunch sounds like my favourite lunch!

Thanks Parker! (and Linda) :)

Fanny said...

This was so much fun to read! Great idea :)

the sandwich life said...

Man...Parker is looking so much older. I'm crazy about him.

JENNA said...

What a great post!

Kerry Rossow said...

I can't believe he is 11! That was a fun read!
Kerry at HouseTalkN

Jessica @vegbooks said...

I have a question for Parker. Parker, what do you wish parents knew about being a vegan kid? I think it rocks you plan to stay vegan once you're an adult!

Emily said...

This is quite possibly the best thing I've read this MoFo. I love how your son speaks so frankly about living vegan.

PS: You should submit this to Vegansarus, the SF-based vegan blog that often highlights vegan kids...

B.A.D. said...

so cute.