Thursday, October 13, 2011

I See India, I See France, I See Someone's...

Brazilian Banana Rabanada. This weekend the kids were introduced to The Eye Book which has pink underpants and our friend, David, pointed out the pink underwear as we walked to The Chicago Diner in Boy's Town (which, if you haven't been to the area, affords quite a lot of opportunities for pointing out pink undergarments in the store windows). My kids have never heard the "I see London, I see France..." saying, but I couldn't help hearing it in my head as pink underpants were talked about this weekend. Then I was putting together this post with foods from India, France, and Brazil (and a drink with a China and India combo) which made me think of my short unimpressive stint modeling and one of my peers (she was from Brazil) brought her thong bathing suit to a modeling shoot. I was young and it was before I'd ever been to a nude beach so I thought the young lady was pretty gutsy putting it all out there like that. Anyway I couldn't think of a good post title and it all came together in my head, but now that I try to explain it here...well, I think I'll just get to the food.

We had a busy fun-filled day yesterday. Homeschooling, ballet, lots of walking, time downtown, catching up with friends we haven't seen in a while, etc. so I wasn't ready to start to think about dinner until after 6:30pm. We debated ordering out, but we knew we'd regret it so Rob and I cooked up some Indian food together. It was great to catch up on our day and prepare a nutritious satisfying meal. Our steps are getting fixed and the contractor sweetly gave us some chili peppers and tomatoes so we put them to good use last night. Dinner was ready in no time, we used what we had on hand, and it was darn good.
Chole Palak from Manjula's Kitchen (I added potatoes, we used kale instead of spinach, served it over brown basmati rice, and Rob had his with pickled mango)

While we were downtown yesterday, we stopped in at Pekara and picked up some "day old" bread. I rarely buy baguettes, but the kids have been in a French Toast mood since being spoiled by Loretta. I made Vegan Brunch's Banana Rabanada (Brazilian French Toast) with Pekara's great tasting Multi-Grain on Tuesday morning for a back to school treat for Parker (and back to homeschooling for the younger two). Going back to school after a three-day weekend is always a little challenging, but a special breakfast makes it a bit easier.
Dema was obviously pretty pleased with them. Maybe he won't run away to live with Loretta after all. Rob and I both grew up eating French Toast with sliced sandwich bread to the Multi-Grain seemed more "traditional" to us.
Yesterday the day old baguettes were calling me and I had to try them for VWaV Fronch Toast this morning. See what an influence Loretta has on me? I make French Toast maybe once a year or less and now the kids have eaten it three times in one week.
My other obsession lately is chai tea. I used to drink chaitealattes (this is how the kids say it, all one word) all the time and then I couldn't take the sugar and caffeine which usually went with pre-made or coffee house chai tea lattes. Then I found some fair trade organic white chai at a local shop and my healthier chai tea latte obsession was born.
Now I brew my own tea and add some vanilla non-dairy milk. Oh so comforting on rainy cool mornings like today and I don't get the buzz/crash. The kids can have some too with no ill affects. I also get to use the teapot my mother bought for us back before Parker was born. Josie found this in our china cabinet the other day and fell in love. I decided we should go ahead and use it. I avoided it for years since it is bone china, but I couldn't hurt my mom's feelings while she was alive and then when she died I couldn't part with it. Thanks to Josie, I use it, enjoy the tea, and I think of my mom.

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