Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Farewell Pontious Farm - Local Foods

I was going through some pictures from last year and found some from a little over a year ago at Pontious Farm. It almost made me cry because they are officially closing at the end of the season (some time in October). We always had a great experience at Pontious picking our own produce, visiting with the animals, enjoying their little playground, hanging with friends throughout the years. Here are the pictures from our visit with Gita and her girls and Aviva and her family. The fact that Aviva, Steve, and Keillor moved to NY several months ago makes these pictures even more bittersweet for me.
Free range kids, enjoining the wide open space.
Josie and me picking raspberries.
Dema and Parker taking a break from picking to play with the Pontious dog.
More picking and running fun.
Josie eating her Strawberry Fields Pad Thai lunch so she wouldn't eat all the raspberries.
Pontious was one of those rare for these times farms which was open to the public to pick and play. You paid on the honor system and the produce tasted sweeter because we all felt we were a part of the place. I completely understand why they are closing. It is a lot of work and never allowed them to quit their day jobs. I know this is the cycle of farming and the cycle of business, but I'm still melancholy. I hope that MJ and Wendy at The Mulberries Farm and Orchard might add a u-pick aspect to their new farming adventure when they are ready. Or maybe our friend, Sarah, will make her dream a reality and start a farm. For now, I'll just shed a tear and say farewell to our favorite friendly local farms.

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