Saturday, October 8, 2011

Doing Chitown Sans Offspring

We are going to Chicago soon and I realized I never posted about my first trip to Chicago (really anywhere) without the kids. A couple weeks prior to my trip, my grandfather died and I spent my first couple nights away from Josie as I sat by his hospital bed. So I wasn't probably in the best of moods when Loretta and I ventured off to Chitown sans kiddos early January of this year. Sometimes I feel naked without the children and don't know quite what to do with myself and worry about them, etc. I need to go away more often to get rid of these feelings, but alas this is still my only trip without them so far. I might have been as much fun as a wet blanket, but Loretta is always a stellar traveling companion. We did have a great time in the cold, cold city (maybe January isn't the best month for us) and I ate my weight in goodies at the Chicago Diner (we might have eaten there a couple times over the weekend).
 Da View from our hotel
Da Night View
Chicago Diner - Vegan Cinnamon Roll, drool!
Chicago Diner - The Soul Bowl? Trying to figure out what we ordered nine months later, but I promise it was de-lish!
Chicago Diner - Tofu "Egg" Biscuit Sammy, super vegan cheezy yum!
I'll post the most spectacular dessert I have ever consumed in my entire life tomorrow. Stay tuned to this bat channel!

2 comments: said...

Wow. Chicago Diner has been very high up my must visit list for years now & that tofu "egg" biscuit sandwich almost had me booking a plane ticket!

starcityvegan said...

ohh I love Chicago Diner. I don't visit Chicago often (I live in Nebraska), but every time I go it is a must visit (even back when I was an omnivore). Thanks for sharing; it was nice to think back on my last visit to Chitown.