Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disco Lemonade

Crazy girl weekend started last night as we patted the guys on their heads and watched them walk downtown toward the train station and their guys weekend in Chicago. We partied hard and long, starting with peeling into Josie's pomegranate from Common Ground Co-op. We made a tactical error and only bought one so we had to hide the precious fruit and dig in once the big brothers were out of sight. Josie sneaked a seed or two as we extracted them from their home, but she took a picture before taking them upstairs.
Nothing like snuggling under the covers eating pomegranate seeds and watching movies on Netflix with someone you love. Once the sweet jewels were devoured (I didn't get a one), the noochy popcorn was requested and inhaled solo by my little sweetie. I am the youngest of three too and I know the sweet peace of not having to share with siblings with bigger hands.
She did share a square of my new favorite candy bar, Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds. I had to check several times after biting into this tantalizing treat to make extra sure it was vegan. It just tastes so smooooootthhh and with just the right about of almonds. I will never eat a handful of vegan chocolate chips with almonds again, this chocolate bar is the only way to combine two of my favorite foods. Send us case of these and we'll love you forever.
We took our time waking up this morning, but the first words out of Josie's mouth "I miss my boys." made me get out of bed to call them. Luckily, we were able to catch them before they headed out our beloved Chicago Diner and I convinced them to check out Handlebar instead, for blog purposes don't ya know. I took a shower as Josie lounged and I heard her talking as I dried off. I was hoping no one was in the house, but it didn't seem like her normal imagining voice so I came into the bedroom to see her chatting away with Amara and Indigo on my iphone.
We finally got our bums up and out of the house into the warm fall sun. We walked to Champaign Surplus and downtown to get a drink after the crazy crowds and lines. We stopped in at Pekara to see if they had anything to wet our whistles. I noticed French Lemonade on the menu and asked what made lemonade French. The woman working the counter showed me a bottle and said it is flown in from France. Well, it is girls' weekend so I said, we'll take two. We love to support our local economy while staying true to our international tastes. I have to say the French know how to make some lemonade, not too sweet and a bit fizzy. It would make excellent disco lemonade.

Sorry, we heard that song on the way to Evanston a couple weekends ago and I had to work it in. We were refreshed enough to take in a couple secondhand/vintage stores downtown. We both found some dress up clothes. Hers would be fun for ballet as well and I think mine will be my first adult Halloween costume (that I can remember, we are not big into dressing up, but this year I've been feeling the urge). After trying it on at home, I've decided it is Morgana from Merlin, but that could be the excess of Netflix Merlin episodes last night after Josie fell asleep. No pictures, sorry. We did talk to the guys on while playing at Westside Park and they thoroughly enjoyed Handlebar and Rob promises he got pics.

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