Sunday, October 30, 2011

Control the Water and You Control Everything

We watched Rango this weekend. Lots of guns for a movie without humans (okay, there were a few), but it was cute (okay with Johnny Depp as Rango, it was pretty adorable, if he would just go vegan...). Rango covered water issues/control over natural resources/greed/over or unsustainable-development, as well as friendship and team work as all good family films are wont to do. All good topics for discussion and thought. Water is/will be the big environmental issue of our children's generation.
Hydration was on my mind so I decided to review our newest coconut water purchase. Naked coconut water was on sale through our buying club. I send coconut water in Parker's school lunch a couple times a week. Our main hydration drink at home is water, but we also consume our fair share of white tea, veggie/fruit smoothies, and as a special treat, coconut water. We like the mango peach flavor with actual mango puree and a bit of peach it has a subtle, but a taste which isn't over-powering, but very refreshing. I think we've tried enough coconut water brands now to conduct a taste test to figure out which one is our family's favorite.

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