Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Best Dessert EVA!

Okay, I'll get to the dessert in a bit, but here is the rest of January, yes, I am that lame, but it is the weekend on veganmofo so give me a teensy tiny break can you? Thanks!

Our friend Todd used to live in Boystown which was awesomely a quick hop from his place to Chicago Diner and now he lives in River North which is super close to Karyn's Cooked. I tell you, we have such thoughtful friends to find apartments close to the best vegan eats. This trip we didn't stay with Todd, but Loretta and I did the town on our own (no husbands/children) and stayed in a hotel conveniently located close to all the decadent Michigan Ave. shopping I don't normally allow myself to do since I met and married my socially conscious mate for life. Todd did meet us at Karyn's Cooked one evening for a lovely dinner. We started with a marvelous wine so this might have added to the awesomeness of the food and the blurriness of the pictures.
Karyn's Cooked - Vegan Buffalo Wings 
Karyn's Cooked - Todd with his entree (nine months later, I think I remember him getting the falafel, but I could be wrong, I'm sure it was good)
Karyn's Cooked - Loretta with her entree (Classic Lasagna)
Karyn's Cooked - me with  my entree (Classic Lasagna)
Karyn's Cooked - Classic Lasagna
Karyn's Cooked - Coconut Cake
Karyn's Cooked - Coconut Cream Pie
Of course the Classic Lasagna was good, I've had it before. But the pie, oh my the pie. It was heavenly. I mean OMG good! When I dream about dessert, it is Karyn's Coconut Cream Pie. Vegan or no, this pie is the sh*t. I kid you not. Walk, bike, ride the train, take the El, drive, fly if you have to, but get to Karyn's and get some pie. That is what I am doing.


Glauce said...

OMG even I could dream about this pie =)~~ And the lasagna looks great too. said...

The lasagne looks good but I'm really most interested in those buffalo wings!