Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vegan Pho

Per their Facebook status, Xinh Xinh Cafe is serving vegan pho starting Friday this weekend. Here are some pictures from last months' pho weekend. We ran into several veg friends last time they served vegan pho and I hope they eventually put it on the everyday menu.
Pho! I am the pho fan in our family. I love the stuff and really should learn how to make it at home. It is not the easiest dish to eat, but definitely worth the slurpy mess (or maybe it is just me).
Parker is more of a vermicelli bowl man. Just the right amount of spicy with luscious vermicelli noodles and loads of veggies. He enjoys it and this bowl is on the regular menu so no need to wait for the special veg pho time of month.
Sorry it is a fuzzy picture, using my phone in a restaurant isn't going to get quality, but this is a vegan banh mi sandwich (also on the regular menu which clearly marks veg options). Xinh Xinh has tofu or seitan (not sure which) based fillings for their sandwiches. Dema and Josie would rather chow down on Thai, but I like Vietnamese for a change of pace. Maybe I'll take Parker and sneak off to Xinh Xinh this weekend for a quick bite to eat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda. I love pho too - I have an easy and tasty crock pot recipe that I got from Loretta. I'll send it to you.

VeganLinda said...


Yes, I'd love it!

carey-olsen family said...

You must let us know when the next vegan pho night is. We'd love to join you if you'd have us. It looks so tasty! I love the new blog template too. Very fun!

VeganLinda said...

They said on FB yesterday that they will be serving Pho Chay (veg pho) every weekend in Sept! Yay! We'd love to all go together!