Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rainbow Garden

Another restaurant post, sorry! This was from late July, but I'm too lazy to go downstairs and get my camera for new pics. We have tried unsuccessfully several times in the last couple months to obtain take out from Golden Harbor, but they have been closed or too busy each time. We went with an old standby from our days of living in Savoy (a little bedroom village next to our twin college towns), Rainbow Garden. My sister knew the owners when it first opened and we dined their frequently until we just couldn't do Chinese anymore. It just broke my heart to eat Chinese when we left some of the best vegan Chinese food on the planet in the DC area. We lived in Rockville, MD home to Yuan Fu Vegetarian and The Vegetable Garden and we lunched at Sunflower in Vienna, VA. I'm sure there are even more choices now, but it was pretty rocking in the Chinese department back then. Oh how I miss it! So, Chinese here in Illinois is never going to compare and will always disappoint, but sometimes you don't feel like Thai...oh wait, I always feel like Thai, but sometimes you want more veggies or I don't know why, but we ordered Rainbow Garden. It was full of veggies and worked. This plate has Stir-Fried Green Beans, Triple Delight, Pi Pa Tofu, and Buddha's Delight (we recommend the Black Mushrooms with Chinese Greens, but it is not pictured). No complaints. I noticed when I was linking to their website that they now offer brown rice!

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