Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick Capellini and Kale

Josie and I (more Josie than me) stumbled upon a video from C'est La Vegan (new site for me!) for Quick Noodles with Kale & Tofu which was posted on the Veg News site. Josie asked if we could have this dish for dinner. We had one of our weekly brown rice, tofu, greens (this time turnip greens), and sauce (we had a choice of tahini sauce or almond butter sauce) dinners Sunday night with sauce left. Often we use the leftover sauce the next night for a pasta dish so I was happy to appease Josie. I usually saute the kale, but lightly boiling the kale in the heating pasta water sounded like a great idea. I didn't have any tofu, but added carrots, pistachios, and a sprinkle of gomasio. I used whole wheat capellini for the noodles. Quick, easy, delicious, and it almost enabled me to make it to the gym tonight. Alas, things kind of fell apart and Parker had homework to finish, Rob had more work to do in his attic office, the younger kids were all but falling apart, and the rain started so I decided to spend the night at home instead. Now I'm off to check out more fun videos and post on C'est La Vegan.

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Glauce said...

C'est La Vegan is one of my favourite blogs! And you food looks delicious :)