Monday, September 19, 2011

The Power of Paella

Watching Dr. Greger's recent nutrition videos on Alzheimer's (and the benefits of saffron) made us crave paella. Saffron is a wonderful spice which we used quite often pre-kids, but for some reason we don't go through the threads like we used to. Tonight Rob found this recipe and it turned out great. Parker had three servings and asked to take leftovers for lunch. Rob makes risotto quite frequently, but I think we'll go for paella instead. More veggies, complex flavor, and saffron. Sold.

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Rachel said...

Lance has been asking to take more vegan food for lunch (yay!) so I would like to hear about how you pack hot leftovers for Parker. Is there a particular brand of insulated container that you prefer? We've packed soup in a stainless steel insulated container before, and that worked well. This year his lunch is at 10:30 (!) so it doesn't have to stay hot in his lunch bag for very long.