Monday, September 12, 2011

Polenta Rancheros

Polenta Rancheros is one of our favorite warming foods for cold mornings. With the weather oscillating in our area between the chill of autumn and the dog days of summer it is hard to know until I wake up what might be the best breakfast. We made this on the weekend, but if you use leftover beans like we did, it can easily be a quick breakfast to fill up the kids/adults before setting off for school/work. The beans were made into burritos the night before and the polenta/grits made that morning and topped with Amy's salsa, fresh avocado, and a dab of vegan sour cream.
Vegan Brunch has a recipe for Polenta Rancheros, but I usually am too lazy to try Isa's version. It is too easy to just throw leftovers together and call it a meal. This dish will keep you full until lunch or after and packs a big protein punch. Great for anytime of the day.

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Babette said...

I must make this. This is totally my type of breakfast.

I love beans like that.