Tuesday, September 20, 2011

O is for Okra

Oh my, how I love me some okra! You would think I grew up south of the Mason Dixon Line, but no, this Yankee even liked okra as a veggie shunning child (all battered and fried, I would have eaten a shoe that way too). As an adult, I prefer my okra to be called bhindi and don't call me late for supper.
Josie cutting the cute little tops off the lady's fingers. That child can not be kept away from the cutting board. She is eager to help cook and chopping is her favorite activity. Luckily, my little lady kept all her fingers and was able to set the okra out to be dried as Rob prepared the rest of the Bhindi-Pyaj (Okra and Onions from The Indian Vegan Kitchen) and I whipped up some Rajmah (Quick Kidney Beans also from The Indian Vegan Kitchen).
The Rajmah was good,
but the Bhindi-Ryaj was fantastic. We couldn't get enough. The okra stole the meal.
I served it over brown basmati rice with chapati and samosas (from the freezer). The okra was from the Market at the Square. I tasked Rob and Josie to bring home more okra the last couple Saturdays, but no luck. We've been promised some this coming weekend and you can bet it will be bhindi for dinner. If you need more reasons to eat okra, other than the awesome taste, check out the nutrition profile for this often under-appreciated plant.
Josie was so happy the next day to notice the okra in one of our favorite books, Eating the Alphabet. This book has been in our lives since Parker was born and all three kids grew up loving it. They have so much fun pointing out all their favorite fruits and vegetables. I love knowing that they eat pretty much all of them on a regular basis.

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