Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For the Love of Laksa

The recipe in Appetite for Reduction is a bastardized version of a traditional Curry Laksa and I took that recipe and substituted the heck out of it, but we'll still call it laksa, shall we?
Instead of red onion, I used yellow. Rob bought a bag of sweet red peppers at the Market at the Square Saturday and proceeded to roast them all so I cut up his roasted red peppers for the raw. I forgot the tamari, but Rob added some after I served it up or I never would have known. The kids and I preferred it without. I used thawed tofu from a batch I put in the freezer so I used a bit more than a pound, I used a sprinkle of sugar instead of agave (we're out), used the entire can of coconut milk (there goes the low-fat aspect), and vermicelli noodles instead of Pad Thai noodles (all we had). I also never boil rice noodles, but just soak them in warm water until they soften and drain. I find they are less likely to break apart. The biggest difference is the use of cauliflower (Josie has been begging for it) and broccoli instead of bok choy. I was attracted to the recipe as something to do with bok choy, but we didn't have any and I hate to let the fact that I don't have a third of the ingredients stop me from making something.
Parker had four servings, Dema had two, I didn't count how many Rob and I had. Josie thought it was a tad spicy so she washed hers down with vanilla soy milk. Yes, I will make it again, bok choy or no. I will use less coconut milk next time, but this time I cooked off a little too much of the broth and thought the coconut milk would make up for it which it did, but it wouldn't hurt to use less. I need to buy some of those awesome Asian soup spoons now.

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