Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pumpkin Curry sans Pumpkin (avec Vada)

Pumpkin Curry from The Vegan Table
We didn't have any pumpkin, but I don't let that keep me from making pumpkin curry. I subbed a can of pureed sweet potatoes and a can of pureed butternut squash and I used red pepper flakes instead of whole dried chilies, but other than that I stayed true to the recipe. Lots of lentils, onions, spices, and some shredded coconut can never go wrong. It was good served over brown rice, but next time I would make quinoa. We had a crazy busy fun day (ate breakfast, read books, played with Legos, walked to the library, hung out, met our friends at Esquire for lunch - bar food (and possibly a mojito), played at the Orpheum, walked home, swam at Vicky's, and had our friends Ethan and Leif over until bedtime) so dinner had to be quick and easy, but something the kids would leave their play for a moment to eat. The Vegan Table was already sitting on the counter which made it even quicker. Parker loved the leftovers the next day in a wrap with za'atar and hot sauce. It reminded me a bit of the sweet potato dahl my mom used to make. Love sweet and spicy with lots of beta carotene! I need to dig up her recipe.
I also baked up some vada, they were from a box (impulse buy from World Harvest), but they were fast and just the right amount of Indian spiciness for the meal. Our little friend, Leif, loves to eat at our house, but I forgot to tell him these weren't donuts so for the first time in my memory he turned over his food to his brother who gladly ate it. I saved the last one and half vada (the kids could have eaten all eight in one sitting) for Rob's lunch the next day and that is why he loves me.

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