Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magic Mushrooms and Yogi Bread

Sorry about the picture, my camera is dead and it was getting dark when I tried to capture the food with my iphone. Today's post gym (for me) and post pool (the rest of the family) meal was Michael Franti's Magic Mushrooms*, fresh baked bread from Dada Veda (who says volunteering at community radio stations doesn't pay?), whole wheat pasta with sauce (last of our garden tomatoes), and probably some of the last organic strawberries (from the co-op). Everything was great. Michael's mushrooms have a bit of kick and they would be great with udon noodles and some green veggies, but Rob and I couldn't stop eating them as a side and Parker gave his thumbs up. The younger ones aren't big mushroom fans. Dada Veda avoids mushrooms, garlic, and onions so I felt a little bad eating his bread with a meal loaded with garlic and mushrooms, but I think he would understand. His bread was a perfect treat for the meal. The strawberries were a fitting end to our official summer. Parker starts public school tomorrow! So glad I still have the younger two homeschooling, but I'm excited for Parker to try out a new experience. I'll be sure to share some of his lunches on the blog.


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