Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All She Wants to Do is Dance

Wee Ones Wednesday:  Josie started another round of dance classes with the Champaign Park District today so I thought I'd post some pictures from past classes. She spends a good deal of time dancing and singing around the house.
This was her first day of dance class about a year ago. She was so shy that first day and very big on following the rules. They have dots to sit on to make sure they return to their place and have some semblance of order. She was attached to her dot that day.
Last October she was sure the teacher would want her to wear her Spider Girl costume to dance that month.
We invested in a leotard from Austin's Sportswear in downtown Champaign. She loves it, but almost a year later is really way too small.
She is not exactly gentle with it, climbing statues and trees in her leotard, but it is none the worse for wear. I highly recommend Austin's.
Josie at dance class this summer (she's in purple/lavender) doing free form dance.
Josie before dance class showing off her "fancy" earrings we bought at Dandelion. She doesn't have pierced ears and her friends Amara and Indigo came over wearing clip-ons a while back so Josie needed some of her own. We had a fabulous time shopping at the retro stores for earrings!
This is such a special time with Josie and Dema (Parker stopped coming with us when Rob moved back from North Carolina). We try to leave with plenty of time to leisurely stroll/play/chat/explore on the mile walk to dance class.
Dema is feeling his way into big brother mode with Parker gone. When Parker is around, he takes on the responsible eldest role, but Dema seems to like more responsibility and secretly loves his sister's adoration as well.
Warming up before class.
Wearing hand-me-down ballet shoes from Amara and Indigo. We found out today the instructor prefers them to be barefoot so she'll use these around the house. Does anyone know a good source for vegan ballet shoes?
After dance, we hang out downtown and then we catch the bus to Urbana. Here the kids are working hard at Art Mart.
Projects are so much more fun when you work together.
Sharing rolls and soup at Common Ground Co-op before heading home with our bags full of groceries. We love dance class days!

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