Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is no secret we like tea. Most of the time we go for green or white and always unsweetened, but sometimes on a staycation you have to go one higher. Josie and I were at Common Ground the other day and she was super hungry. We were out running errands all day and it was hot so she was thirsty. I talked her out of the normal coconut water and into some Honest Tea. Pomegranate Red Tea with Goji Berry to be exact. This stuff is crack and one look at the label tells you why, organic cane sugar is the second ingredient (after water), dang. Oh well, gotta live it up once in a while and the organic ingredients and tea sourced from community-owned farmer's co-op in South Africa makes it go down even better. Josie enjoyed a vegan breakfast burrito and black bean/yam tamales from the deli and strawberry soy yogurt. That girl knows how to satisfy her hunger. Seeing Honest Tea all over the country reminds me that we were encouraged to invest in the company back when we lived in Maryland and it was just a tiny start-up based a few miles from where we lived. Even then, I totally loved Honest Tea and we had the money to invest in something pre-kids, but in our typical financially savvy fashion, we passed. Still hitting myself in the forehead for that one.

We missed our chance to invest in a business with a quality product that we believed in, but it isn't our last chance or yours. Tomorrow you can head down to Common Ground yourself and invest in a local business that isn't just a grocery store, but a important part of our twin college towns. Co-ops are an investment in the community and our future. Don't miss this chance!

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The Fearless Freak said...

We love tea too. I always make ours because I don't really like green and all the black you can buy are sweetened. :(