Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post Pool Provisions

We aren't going to be able to fit a vacation in before school starts this fall (oh how I will miss being an exclusively homeschooling family) so we've been eating "vacation food" after we swim at Vicky and Greg's pool. Not a bad staycation and our friend Todd came down this weekend with his adorable son Tai which was an added treat. Here is a picture Todd (a wonderful photographer hobbyist) took of Dema at the pool.
My sweet seven year old looks so grown up here.
He lost his tooth at the pool a couple days later. His third baby tooth to go and the first to come out in Illinois. I call him Toothless now.

See the resemblance? He has a very similar personality to Toothless in the movie. You just have to love him. Now back to the food...
Everything bagels from Pekara topped with avocado or Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese both sprinkled with za'atar. I can't believe Rob and I ate bagels almost daily when we lived (pre-kids) in Maryland. Of course, they had real bagels out east, but I can't imagine even eating the good ones on a regular basis. Parker ate his bagels with both avocado and cream cheese sandwich style. I swear that kid has a bigger appetite than his parents and that is saying something.
Crackers with We Can't Say It's Cheese (Hickory-Smoked Cheddar-Style Spread). I just found this at Strawberry Fields and had to try it out. Surprisingly good! Great texture, but the spread started to melt in the heat, maybe dairy cheese spread would have too, it was hot! Crackers are a once in a while food in our house, but fun staycation food. Small meals several times a day is the key for the kids on hot, humid days.
Lots of fresh fruit and green smoothies to be had too. Green smoothies cut two carrots with one knife (great saying from today's entry in the Vegan's Daily Companion, no stones being thrown at birds in our house) because they pack in the nutrients and keep active kids hydrated. This kept them satisfied until we could put a proper dinner on the table.

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