Friday, July 8, 2011

More Simple Summer Suppers

Just a couple simple suppers we've made this week (they were amazingly unphotogenic, but quite good).
Rob threw this meal together with produce we needed to use up. It is a slightly different version of one of our favorite meals. Bed of garlicky kale/beet greens, brown rice, roasted beets, and a sauce I threw together (parsley, carrots, onion, ginger, lime juice, sugar, sesame seeds, water, ume plum vinegar...I think that is it...all thrown in the Vitamix), and lightly fried tofu. Steamed green beans with a little iodized sea salt (for reasons to use iodized salt, check out a recent post by Jack Norris.)
What do you do when you have tempeh in the refrigerator and it is about to expire? PPK's Tempeh Helper to the rescue! I grew up on "helpers" so this is a blast to the past, but with a vegan twist. Too salty for my kiddos, but Rob and I couldn't stop eating it. Next time less salt for my children who have never heard of hamburger helper. The steamed green beans, carrot sticks (with carrots just hours out of our friends' garden), and yellow watermelon (thanks, Michael!) were a hit.

Dema-ism for today: I wish a I had a video, but those who know my seven year old will be able to picture it. He was rocking out to a song today. He and Josie often go around singing (usually songs they make up on the spot) when there is no music playing. I listened more closely and realized he was making up his own anti-war/peace song. I guess all that Michael Franti he listened to as a baby had some impact. He is one intense little dude.

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