Friday, July 1, 2011

Carrot Cake for Breakfast and Randomness

I don't go to Post Punk Kitchen as often as I should. Don't ask me why, but while I'm a fan of PPK, it just hasn't been my go to blog or vegan internet space. However, I noticed these Carrot Cake Pancakes while I was checking out the oven baked onion rings and just knew they were going to be breakfast the next day.
I made changes. I used 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in lieu of the maple syrup, added shredded coconut, chopped walnuts, and raisins. They kind of remind me of pumpkin pancakes, but way easier to keep from sticking to the cast iron and I'm more likely to have carrots on hand this time of year than pumpkin. Delish!

Totally random thoughts (I'm cutting back on Facebook time so you all get to read my random thoughts more often, lucky you!):

1. Yes to Tomatoes face wash tastes nothing like tomatoes. The red and white container does look very similar to Kiss My Face aloe toothpaste (which doesn't taste like tomatoes either, but that is not the point). I have not once, not twice, but three times remembered these two statements. Someone might be suffering from lack of sleep or getting old (in my case, both) when they put face wash on their toothbrush (multiple times). Yuck!
2. I am jealous of the windows in the play house at our local Children's Museum. I can not believe I have turned into a person who has window envy while they are playing princess with their three year old. (But just look at the ease of opening and closing these windows!) I am overwhelmed by the projects we have started on our house and not finished and those we haven't even started. I think my 100+ year old house may have already kicked my butt.

3. While cleaning out my basement, I found an award my co-workers gave me while I worked in retail. I should have taken a picture before I threw it out, but it said "With My Eyes of Blue I Can Sell Anything to You Award". I was always the top seller and the youngest manager ever for the retail chain. Ironically, I posted recently about my distaste of sales of any kind now. It kind of makes me feel regretful about those days, but I was young and my values and consistency with how to live true to myself were still working themselves out. It really is a lifelong process.
4. Some friends of ours own a few acres of land in the country and they started a little mini CSA this year. Above is our first share (baby carrots, kale, green onions and loads of beets!). We are so excited about the produce and supporting our friends in their farming endeavors!
5. Our local co-op had a party a couple weeks ago to celebrate an expansion. Common Ground has really come a long way in a short time, as I posted before. We don't usually go to the parties or potlucks because they always seem to be at tough times for us or hard to cycle to places, but we made the effort to attend this time. Parker (11) was so excited about the "unveiling" of the plans and went through every detail with me. He would love to make a member loan and is trying to figure out the paperwork to make it happen. Josie was just excited to see her dance teacher, Miss Kate, at the party. Josie did some impromptu dancing with two of her favorite friends/neighbors to the live music. I liked this picture the best because they were constantly in motion and a blur of energy.
6. We inherited two entertainment media holders from Faith and Wade when they moved to Canada. My first thought was, wow, we could use them to store Lego! Here is Parker's all filled with creations. Yes, too many plastic pieces in our house.


carey-olsen family said...

ooh, those beets look good! Love the pic of our dancing daughters. So sweet.

VeganLinda said...

The beets were the best I've tasted! We might get more Friday if you would like some, let me know.