Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day

Memorial Day was beautiful with swimming at Vicky and Greg's pool and enjoying the hot weather. We spent the evening with friends (sadly, two of the families are moving out of the area so it might be the last gathering with all of us together) at Gita and Seth's. The kids were excited as we headed off to the party with two of the dishes we brought. Luckily, Seth loaned us the wagon or we would have needed to make a couple trips.
I wish I had a picture of Gita and Seth's backyard because they have turned it into a lovely space. They really have an eye for taking a meh backyard and making it fun and useful. Great for entertaining or relaxing and they have quite a large garden space there as well. Instead I have this pick of Josie and Asher managing the steps (the door and steps used to be on the opposite side of the much better on this side) with their lemonade.
Loretta brought yummy samosas from World Harvest. They went really fast, probably due in a large part to my three kids. Josie loved them, but had to take a drink between each bite, just the right amount of spicy. I might have to buy some of these this weekend, they were so good!
It turned out to be quite the Indian food feast, yum! Gita made raita (something we rarely make so I was happy to supply the soy yogurt if she would make it, a treat!), we provided Channa Masala (to the right of the raita), Jasmin's Mattar Pulao (page 97 in Ginger and Ganesh), I made Meena's Rajma (page 52 in Ginger and Ganesh), Gita made some basmati rice too (I think it was brown basmati, the yellow rice) and Aloo Gobi with peas. It was all delicious and I can't wait to make Rajma was my first time. The Rajma recipe was poorly edited (didn't list garlic in the ingredients, but says to add it, I love garlic so I didn't mind making up my own amount), but the kids loved it and I would like to play around with more kidney beans. We also had mixed greens salad, fruit salad, Emily's strawberry crisp and Erin's peanut butter cookies, which the kids devoured. Nothing is better than a enjoying beautiful day and Indian food with great friends.

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