Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dad is Great, He Gives Us (Vegan) Chocolate (Strawberry) Ice Cream

I bought a new ice cream maker recently while Rob was out of town in Charlotte, NC. It was super hot and we needed an ice cream maker, it was an impulse buy. The kids have been requesting ice cream be made in the new ice cream maker, but I couldn't find my copy of Vice Cream so I said to wait until Rob was back in town. We still blew off their requests until last Sunday when we couldn't take it any longer. Rob made a yummy coconut milk based strawberry and chocolate ice cream.
The kids, of course, thought it was a great breakfast. I tried to feel okay since there were real strawberries and dark chocolate has anti-oxidants, right? I was the one who opened Pandora's box in the first place so I couldn't fault Rob. Luckily, it made just the right amount (maybe 3/4 of a pint) so no one overindulged.

It was also the day of their big flag football game against an adult team, so dinner was Village Inn Pizza. The Blue Jays are an awesome homeschool flag football team with a wide range of ages where girls and boys play together and they all have loads of heart and team spirit. They also had the best coaches one could ever ask for. It was a great season! Not the most nutritious day, but lots of fun.

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