Friday, May 20, 2011


A couple weekends ago (April 30th), our community hosted the Illinois Marathon. This is a newish annual event which we have become to look forward to. It is great to see the community get moving and so many people come to town for the event. No one in the family looks forward to the marathon than Josie. She was looking for runners (we have a lot of runners go by our place on any given day) the day before and convinced the marathon had started. The morning of the real race, she was up and viewing the first people going by from the window before she even got dressed. It was a very chilly morning, hence her winter pjs.
We live in small college town so the marathon goes past a lot of our houses, but each year it has been fun to watch the runners from our porch. The 10K course also went past our place and it was almost more exciting for Josie than the marathon. This year we decided to serve a little brekkie for the neighbors who congregated. Next year maybe we'll plan more than a few hours ahead. Our neighbor, Katie, brought her famous yummy gluten-free granola (based on this recipe, but she uses more spices and quinoa). The only gluten-free items I could think of (we didn't have time to go to the store) was cheesey grits and garlicky kale and tofu. Oh and fresh berries and orange juice. I also made lots of pancakes with various fillings (strawberries, blueberries, banana pecan, etc.) for the folks who eat gluten.

Several of our friends participated in one way or another with this year's marathon and we congratulate them all. It is quite inspiring and even made Rob and consider taking up running (Anyone have ideas on how to avoid shin splints? I always end up with them when I attempt to run on a regular basis), but I think we'll stick to hosting brunch.

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