Thursday, May 19, 2011

More From Ginger and Ganesh

Another lovely dinner last weekend, thanks to Ginger and Ganesh, or in spite of. I don't think I've ever encountered a more poorly edited recipe, but Rob, the Indian cook in the house, and somehow made sense of Ufala's Chole Bhature (p. 111). It was fun to make our own chole masala (spice mixture) and I can't wait to try the other masalas she has in the book.
The tadka is not mentioned until the end of the recipe and potatoes are not listed in the ingredient list so Rob had to bike out to a store to grab some even after making an earlier trip for fresh ginger (something we usually have on hand, but didn't that day). The potatoes with spices and strips of peppers and ginger are to top the chole as you see on the first picture. We served the chole over Jasmin's Mattar Pulao. My sister and Stuart came over for dinner and enjoyed it as well. The recipes are definitely keepers, but a tad frustrating and hard to follow.

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Richelle said...

These dishes look so yummy! I really need to get my hands on that book...