Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wee Ones Wednesday - Spring Walks

One thing I adore about homeschooling* is taking advantage of beautiful weather. We take breaks during the day to walk around the neighborhood or enjoy a local park. Often we learn a lot on these walks, but really it is about getting out and living. My sister, Karen, joined us for a couple walks last week.
"Mystery flower" in a neighbor's shady yard. (Thanks to Karen Linder for the link when I posted the picture on FB . I think we'll go with Checkered Lily.)
No they aren't peeking into our neighbor's yard, they are watching a very friendly squirrel who watched us for a while and then scurried away. (Oh and just for the record, Josie was on my back for most of the walk in the Ergo, but Aunt Karen is sweet and gave into her request to ride on Karen's shoulders.)
Josie checking out the "baby pine cones" on a neighbor's big tree.
Big pine cone on a little tree.
First snake sighting this year, spring is here!
We haven't spotted any snakes in our yard yet, but we have plenty to explore in our own yard. Josie loves this flower growing out of our compost bin.
Josie is a girl who knows the benefits of taking time to spell the flowers (don't look at the neglected raised beds in the background.)
We also met some friends at Anita Purves last week. My sister, Karen, met us there too.
Here is Josie "I want to be the leader, wait which way do I go?" Evans.
After hiking a bit, the gang breaks for goofing around, eating carrots.
Parker's dragon shirt from our neighbor/friends, Vicky and Greg. It turns colors in the sunlight.
Dema's pirate shirt from Vicky and Greg. They know the kids so well. Parker loves dragons and Dema is into pirates and Josie has a mermaid shirt (she didn't wear it this day).
Queen of the log and meditating brother.

I hope we get out to Anita Purves and Busey Woods more this Spring. *Parker is thinking about going to public school this fall so I feel the need to make the most of the flexible time we have with him. I have mixed feelings since I strongly believe homeschooling is best for our family, but I also trust him to make this decision. I understand his desire to see what public school is like and have some of the middle school experience. I'm excited for Parker and hope to blog, during the school year, about fun vegan lunchbox lunches.


the sandwich life said... could warn me about the snake picture!

VeganLinda said...

Sorry about the snake picture, Cynthia! :-) We thought of you when we took it. There were a lot of snakes in the area, we could hear them, but this is the only one we could see. That makes you feel a lot better, I am sure. LOL!