Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Brunch Weekend

Last weekend was a two brunch weekend. Saturday was a lovely all female adult brunch to celebrate a dear friend's third baby (due in a few short weeks). I can't help thinking back to when Kit and Emily were dating and they had dinner at our place. In the early days of their romance, the love they had for each other just radiated from them in a magical way and it still does now that they are married and expecting their third child. I am so so excited for them! I didn't get a picture of all the yummy food (which was all vegan, although most of the attendees are not vegan...lovely people!) because I was too busy chatting and eating. It was so nice to be able to visit without interruptions. We were going to talk about birthing, but talked more about mating practices of non-human animals. Trust me, it was a lot of fun!
The second brunch was at Loretta's house (with a lot of the same people from the first). We met her friend, Steve, from college and his family. They are vegan and living a few hours away now. Steve was gracious enough to come on my radio show and he did a fantastic job. Thanks, Steve! The food was great, as usual. Shown is quiche (I think based on the one in Vegan Brunch, but Loretta always adds yummy things to make it even better), roasted veggies, Rob's collards with Vegan Diner sausage I made the day before, and a blueberry muffin.

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