Friday, April 1, 2011

I Could Have Had a V8!

While we were in North Carolina, I was craving veggies. It happens when we eat out too much. So I became addicted to low-sodium vegetable juice. I would have a couple iced glasses a day with a shot or two of hot sauce (some vodka would have been nice, but I refrained). I was wondering if anyone has a favorite brand of organic low-sodium vegetable juice or, even better, a tried and true recipe for making it at home. We love and consume a lot of green smoothies, but none with a tomato base.

*My 3.5 year old came in while I was watching the video above. She gasped in horror and said, "Why did the baby hit her mama?!" then, "Oh, her mom is eating French fries...that explains it." and she walks out of the room. I just want to stress that we believe in non-violence for every living creature, even French fry munching moms and that violence is never the path to take.

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