Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy Weekend Brunch

This was Rob's first real weekend back in our little town after a few months away. Our friend, Todd, came down from Chicago to hang out with us, we had a journalism student come "observe" us for a project, and the usual weekend stuff (my radio show, the gym, etc. ). I thought Saturday brunch would be the best time for the journalism student to come over, but I hadn't heard back from her so I invited Loretta and her family over for brunch. If the student showed up, it would be even more to observe with another veg family of four in the house and if she didn't show up, we'd have brunch with some of our favorite people. (The student came on Sunday at the time I asked her to be here Saturday so all she got was blueberry pancakes, but it worked out well and we chatted for hours at the park. She is very sweet and it was great getting to know her. I feel bad about just feeding her pancakes though.) Todd arrived at the end of brunch and took the above picture (not fair of me to ask him to take a picture before he was allowed to eat). We made an enchilada bake (inspired by Good Good Things, but I'll post a recipe after I tweak it some more), collards and tofu (my favorite), cheesey grits, and Loretta brought fresh mango (yum!!!). Brunch turned into hanging out at the park, then watching basketball on our computer, and the next thing we knew we were all ordering Thara Thai dinner (we had lots of noochy popcorn, olive chips, pb&j wraps, carrots, and apples during the day and I made some brown rice and steamed some broccoli to add to our Thai take-out). The guys, joined by our neighbor/friend, Seth, topped the evening off by going to a movie while Loretta and I stayed with the kids and picked up a million Legos. After the movie, Rob and I enjoyed drinking wine and chatting with Todd until 2am Sunday morning. I love it when brunch ends at 2am the next day!

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Looks yum! :-)

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