Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back in Black

What is better than brown rice? Black! Josie calls it purple and many people call it "forbidden rice". You can see already how kid friendly this rice can be. Have a child who likes to go against the grain, how could they resist "forbidden rice"? Have a child who loves purple, what could be more fun than purple rice? One of the reasons I love our food buying club is being able to try new foods which my friends already like. I've been wanting to buy black rice for a while and then my friend, Sarah, bought some through our buying club and I went in on a few pounds. We finally cooked it this weekend. I put it off because we don't have a rice cooker and I wasn't sure how long to put it in the pressure cooker, but we just did the longer stove top way without the pressure cooker while we were out at the park. I'm hooked and the kids ate it up. We served the rice with sauteed beet greens from our friendly local farmer, Greg. Baked tofu, tahini sauce, and Cholula topped it all off.


Susan K. said...

This dish looks SO good! I have been wanting to try black rice as well. I need to find me some!

What do you do to your tofu before you bake it? I've never baked tofu before (I'm something of a vegetarian/vegan least sometimes).

ps...I've been reading your blog for a while now & am coming out of lurkdom! :) I've met you at the house parties at Cynthia & Ernie's...

VeganLinda said...

Hey Susan,

Thanks! We really like red rice as well which I have seen at Strawberry Fields and Common Ground locally, but I looked around this week and didn't see black/forbidden rice for sale. If you want to try some, I'm happy to give you a few cups.

We bake tofu a lot so I do different things, but this time it was just a big of olive oil and nutritional yeast. Sometimes I use tamari or Bragg's, blackstrap molasses, and curry powder as well, but I wanted something a little lighter this time.

Thanks for coming out of lurkdom. Maybe I'll do a post just on baked tofu soon. I don't usually measure anything when I make it so I'll have to pay attention next time.