Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wee Ones Wednesday - Happy Birthday, Parker!

Okay, so my eldest isn't such a wee one anymore. I think he may officially be a "tween" now that he turned eleven two Saturdays ago. He had a small party again this year (some of the birthday parties for the kids top one hundred) with around sixteen or so children. This is a nice nice, in my opinion, for winter birthdays when they can't all easily flow into the park.
Rob was able fly back for Parker's birthday so that was the best gift, but I also bought him this organizer for the Lego pieces. I've been eying this for months at Art Coop and I finally had a reason to buy it. Luckily, Parker shares my joy in organization and found this to be an excellent present.
It came in handy for the Lego building contests.
Rob and I made the kids' favorite birthday cake (when we don't get an artistic edible masterpiece from Kris), Raspberry Frosted Cake with Chocolate Cream Center from Vive le Vegan! and pretty much relied on snacky type foods instead of making tamales. Parker had stuffed grape leaves, of course, he has requested them almost every birthday since he could talk. The rest was hummus, chips, salsa, etc. I felt bad that we didn't do more, but we all wanted to spend time with Rob and not in the kitchen.
The eve of Parker's birthday, I took the kids out to Parker's favorite restaurant, Thara Thai. Parker had his usual, yellow curry and birthday pot stickers.
For those of you who enjoy birth stories, here is the link to Parker's. You might also want to check out his ninth and tenth birthday. Parker remains one of my favorite people on the planet to spend time with and I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

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Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to Parker! It does me good to see young folks enjoy good food like yellow curry and stuffed grape leaves. Amazing! :) Meatfree Mike