Sunday, February 20, 2011

Red Curry Pie - Leftovers as Brunch

Yesterday, I made a version of In a Hurry Thai Red Curry (I always improvise so it tastes a little different each time, but always a kid pleaser) for lunch. This morning we were slow to get moving so we ended up having mangoes and bananas until about eleven when we were hungry for brunch. I must be channeling my "seventies-home-maker" (maybe because the anniversary of my mother's death and her birthday are coming up soon) because I just had to make the leftover curry into a pie with a puff pastry top. Speaking of puff pastry, you have to check out Vegan Dad's homemade version. I tell you, Vegan Dad is nor mere mortal. This was sadly store bought, but was taking up room in my freezer, as was a Whollly Wholesome pie crust.
Here is a side shot of the red curry filling; brown rice, peanuts, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and tofu. I added a quick sauce to the mixture since it was a little dry. The sauce consisted of ginger, garlic, tamari, lime juice, peanut butter, water, hot sauce, and molasses. I put some of my latest favorite hot sauce on top of the puff pastry. I baked everything on 350 or 375 until the puff pastry was golden brown.
Josie loved it so much she had to go tell Margie and Rick, our neighbors who were walking their dog past our house. She ate two and half slices. Dema deemed it "the best pie ever" after eating two servings. Parker was in a hurry to get back to playing with his friends, but he said he liked it as well as he liked the curry yesterday. It didn't hold together all that well, but no one minded.

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