Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Thai, Delivered

I'm not big on having food delivered, well, I love having people bring food over or getting produce from my neighbors, I mean having restaurant food delivered. I live in a small college town so we don't have a lot of delivery options, especially vegan ones. However, it has been ridiculously cold and snowy this winter. On an extra-productive homeschooling day, I hated to take a break from our flow to cook lunch. The kids asked for Thai and I think My Thai/Siam Terrace might be the only Thai restaurants in town who deliver. We had plenty of leftovers so it was worth the money and I love supporting local businesses.
Spicy Seitan
Mock Duck Curry
Veggie Supreme with Tofu

As usual, I ordered brown rice to go with all the dishes and everything was excellent. A sweet couple runs the My Thai and Siam Terrace. The wife delivered our food and she asked how we liked having the new restaurant closer to our home. We'll have to eat there more often when the weather gets warmer.

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