Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tester Tuesday - Energy Bites

We don't make balls often, the last ones were a dehydrator recipe which took forever. After I tested these Energy Bites for Robin Robertson's new cookbook, the kids have asked for them at least half a dozen times. I'm glad they can make them by themselves! The first comment they made after trying the bites for the first time was "these taste like cookie dough". I don't know where they get that comparison since we rarely make cookies let alone eat the dough, but I have to agree they taste like they could be dessert. The ingredients are all healthy whole foods though, so I don't feel bad about making them often.
We've subbed different ingredients based on what we had on hand and they are always so yummy they disappear in minutes. I'll keep these in mind for our next time we travel.


Anonymous said...

Where's the recipe for the energy bites? I'm intrigued but couldn't find it.

VeganLinda said...

Sorry, it is a tester recipe. When cookbook authors are putting together their recipes to go into a new cookbook, they use testers to test the recipes, make sure the yeilds/times/amounts are accurate, no typos, give feedback to taste and appearance, etc. Then the authors make some changes or have some recipes retested with adjustments made. After all that is done (and photos are taken or other preparations for the book), they go to print and the new cookbook comes out. So for "tester" recipes you'll have to wait for the cookbook to be published. I'll post when it is. So will Robin on her Vegan Planet blog.

Mrs. Vincent said...

Ugh, you're killing me! Vegan cookie dough that's actually semi-healthy...but we have to wait!? They look great, can't wait for the new book. :)