Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday - The Last Dragon

We drove straight through (over 12 hours) to Charlotte, NC to see Rob's family, after Christmas. We listened to The Last Dragon written by Silvana de Mari and beautifully narrated by Patricia Conolly. The story was mesmerizing and just adorably sweet enough for my sensitive children to enjoy, even with loads of suspense and tragedy. The kids were quick to point out the main character, Yorsh the Elf, is veg*n. This was just a pleasant surprise. I quickly picked it up from the library on our way out of town, knowing nothing of the story. The entire family was quite taken with this audio book and I would be happy to listen to the almost ten hours over again. Young Yorsh has to make sense of the human world in much the same way all children have to make sense of things. He starts out with such innocence, it is hard not to fall for him right away. Conolly's voice is the perfect accompaniment to Mari's prose. We didn't want the story to end. The dragon doesn't come into the story until late, but such as life is about the journey, so is this book. Even weeks later, all three kids will bring up a part of the story they want to discuss further. There is hope and sadness, birth and death, mystery and romance. Something for everyone! Thumbs up from Josie (3), Dema (6), and Parker (almost 11).

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