Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crispy Tofu with Sizzling Caper Sauce

When I first started cooking from Vegan Planet, I was intimidated by the long or expressive sounding titles to Robin's recipes.  I quickly got over this and realized although the titles were great and very descriptive, it didn't necessarily mean the recipe was difficult.  Now I look forward to seeing what Robin comes up with in each new cookbook.
Tonight my sister had a friend over for dinner so I felt a little more pressure to make something good and hearty, but I ended up with just one hour to decide what to make and cook it.  I decided on Chickpea Noodle Soup from Veganomicon because we had chickpeas in the refrigerator and Parker has been asking for this soup.  I realized too late, I didn't have an udon noodles, or noodles of any kind, so I subbed some star pasta, we had in the deep dark corners of the cabinet.  I ended up adding more water to account for the different type of pasta, but it turned out fine and even easier for the kids to eat than noodle soup.  I'll have to make it with star pasta from now on.  I didn't want to just serve soup, especially since the weather is super warm for November this week.  I went to my favorite "go to" cookbook (1,000 Vegan Recipes) and looked under her fast recipes (they are labeled and indexed).  I only had 15 minutes before our guest would arrive and I really had no clue what to pick.  Then Crispy Tofu with Sizzling Caper Sauce caught my eye.  Anything with capers is pretty much a must make in our house.
I doubled the recipe so we were a little late sitting down at the dinner table, since I had to fry the tofu in batches, but it was a complete hit. The guest even took the last few pieces home with him which always makes me happy.  It didn't photograph well in kitchen after dark, but you can see the top view and side view.  I promise it tastes much better than it looks.
Rob can't wait for us to make this dish again.

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jenny said...

i also used some random star pasta when i made the chickpea noodle soup-it reminds me of being a kid!