Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Chicago Diner

I blogged about Karyn's Cooked so I can't leave out one of our favorite places to eat comfort food in the city, The Chicago Diner.  Our friend, Todd, used to live quite close to the Chicago Diner so he is always happy to trek over there with us when we come to town.  I think this last visit to Chicago Diner might have been my best visit ever.  I hear they are opening a second location and I wish them continued success and look forward to eating there.
We felt a little guilty, but we went to The Chicago Diner for a late breakfast before heading over to Vegan Mania.  We knew we were ruining out appetites for the yummy food at VM, but it was our only chance to head to the diner.  For those of you who haven't been there, it is very kid-friendly and serves comfort food as healthy (or not) as you like.
I think I ordered the Egg-Biscuit Sandwich (that is the only thing that fits the description on the online menu).  The Chicago Diner is veg, not vegan, but almost everything can be made vegan.  The menu is clearly marked (it appears they even have gluten free options marked now) and wait staff is knowledgeable. This sandwich was so scrumptious, I can't even begin to tell you.  I went with the optional vegan cheese (I'm guessing Daiya), but would probably get it without next time.  I'm sure it is excellent either way.  The kale and fruit really made the dish for me.  It was comfort food with some nutrition which is my favorite way to eat.  Oh how I wish we had a vegan breakfast/brunch place in my town.  I could eat one of these every day.
Dema ordered a vegan Grilled Cheeze, but could only finish half.  It was very rich with Daiya cheese!  We took the rest to go, but he had room to mooch off all our plates.  We had to order a fruit side because the kids wouldn't leave my fruit alone.
Parker ordered the French Toast Combo and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Two slices of vegan french toast, scrambled tofu, dinner style potatoes, seitan sausage patty, and fruit.  How could you not?
Rob ordered Country Fried "Steak" which was enjoyed by all of us.  We didn't order anything separate for Josie since we didn't want to lug a bunch of leftovers around with us at Vegan Mania so she took some off all our plates.  No one went hungry, that is for sure!
The icing on the meal was a Vegan Cinnamon Roll, which we all split.  I have to make these at home sometime soon.

After blogging about awesome Chicago veg restaurants, we might just have to schedule a trip to the city to celebrate my birthday.


vegan.in.brighton said...

I think if I went there I'd have to order all of that!

VeganLinda said...

We always order too much food because there is just so much we want to try or favorites we don't want to pass up. I would never cook if I lived in Chicago (and was independently wealthy and didn't care about my figure/health).

Emily and Kit said...

I am still dreaming about the meal I had at the Chicago Diner this summer. Drool. I NEED a fix. Thanks for all your Chicago restaurant reviews. It will make our Christmas sojourn so much better.