Friday, October 15, 2010

Hummus Two Ways

Rob soaked and pressure cooked chickpeas at the beginning of the week, then made a big awesome batch of hummus.  Fall has officially arrived, the leaves are falling off the trees, our house sounds like it is being pelted continuously by hail (acorns), and the squirrels are going crazy.  It is soup time, but it is also a very busy time with the kids involved in soccer, ballet, yoga, piano lessons in addition to their normal activity.  Rob has his plate full at work and I've been trying to work in time at the gym and going out with friends at night.  Not a lot of time left for spending hours in the kitchen.  Hummus Soup to the rescue!
I've blogged about YTVS's Hummus Soup at least once before, but really this soup is so easy and packed with nutrition, I had to revisit the recipe.  Really it is broccoli quinoa soup and the original recipe is from the amazingly frugal yet creative Melomeals (I am sooo happy she is back to blogging about food again!).  I added extra tahini to the kid's soup to tame down the two chipotles in adobo sauce and added raw pumpkin seeds to add a little crunch and nutrition (the soup already has two cups of hummus, quinoa, sweet red pepper, and broccoli so it doesn't need anything more, but I can't help myself).  I pureed the soup a bit in the food processor.  Our hand blender bit the dust (it was only a few months old...grrr), and our beloved food processor broke (I've developed a work around which involves three hands) so I almost put the soup in the Vitamix, but I really wanted to keep it chunky.  Common Ground Co-op had their owner appreciation day this week so I stocked up on produce and other items and threw in some Pekara focaccia to go with the soup.  It was so simple and quick and the leftovers are even better.  We will being eating this delicious soup a lot this fall.
This week has been full of hummus sandwiches, as well as fun.  The kids' favorite combo right now is hummus, za'atar, pickles, avocado, shredded carrot and kale.  I made a fresh batch of red pepper and chipotle hummus for lunch today.  The kids were obviously extra hungry after playing all morning with friends so they eat ate two of these wraps.  It looked so perfect for Halloween with the black mission figs and honey crisp apples, I had to take a picture.

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