Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Wow, I have a dozens posts started and not finished.  Life is happy and busy.  I hope all of you are having an awesome World Vegetarian Day!

We joined Loretta and her family for a free kid's movie last Sunday morning.  There is something about seeing Shrek Forever After at 9am on a Sunday morning which was a little surreal to me, but we had fun.  After the movie, we all biked back to Loretta's house for a lovely vegan brunch.  Loretta made Raised Waffles and Classic Broccoli Quiche from Vegan Brunch with baked tofu, fresh berries, and crock pot apple sauce.  I made East Coast Coffee Cake with frozen blueberries also from Vegan Brunch.  I don't have pictures, but trust me, it was soooo good!  As we tend to do, we hung out so long that brunch turned into an early dinner (Loretta sweetly joined me for my afternoon radio show first, thanks!) while the kids played and the guys watched football on the computer.
Josie and Loretta's daughter, Teagan, eating farmer's market corn and Tricolor Rotini with Pesto Bianco from 1,000 Vegan Recipes.  Look at Teagan licking her lips, too cute!  The kids enjoyed Loretta's pasta so much, I had to make the pasta this week when we went over to our neighbor/friend, Vicky's, for a fire.  I subbed pumpkin seeds for the pine nuts with I'll do again.  I rarely have pine nuts on hand.  I also added a bit of nooch to the pesto since Loretta did.  I served mine over whole wheat macaroni and added steamed broccoli, peas, and carrots.  Yet another quick, versatile, yummy dish from 1,000 Vegan Recipes.
I'll leave you with Josie's new shoes, at the Urbana Free Library.  We bought them yesterday at Heel to Toe in Urbana before Parker's yoga class (at the Community Center for the Arts).  The boys have been wearing Tsukihoshi shoes for a year or so now (thank you, Neli for introducing us to Tsukihoshi!) and love them.  Easy/quick to put on, washable, durable, comfortable, cute, and vegan!  I am so happy to see we can buy them locally now at Heel to Toe.
Josie asked for me to take a picture of her new shoes as she played at the playground near Parker's soccer practice.  So here they are in action.

Have an wonderful day and I'll try to take time for a more thoughtful post soon.

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Kris said...

Super cute shoes!

I LOVE brunch! It is the only meal, in my little world. Well, next to dessert, of course.