Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Thai

A certain little girl had her pick of restaurants Labor Day weekend. She, of course, picked Thara Thai (as the kids usually do when we let them pick) . We had not eaten Thai for quite some time due to eating at home more often. Unfortunately, TT was closed for the long weekend. Instead we decided to dine at the newly opened, My Thai (our friend and local Vegan Meetup host, Wade, named the cool). It is Siam Terrace's second location.  It is located dangerously close to the gym I recently joined and in some ways is more convenient than the Urbana location.
I had to take this picture because my kids not only eat the appetizers (this time it was steamed pot stickers and veggie sushi), but they also eat the all the veggie garish as well.  Many a wait staff has commented on this, makes me laugh.
Dema working on his chopstick skills (they have been eating with chopsticks a lot at home lately and I'm looking for non-plastic starter chopsticks if anyone has advice)
Tofu Pad Thai (we liked this dish better than the Siam Terrace version, but the owner came out to chat with us and said you can specify that you would prefer a dish as made at ST)
Mock Duck Curry (a longtime favorite of Parker's, it is spicy and never disappoints)

The owners are super sweet and very family friendly.  They clearly mark vegetarian options and work with you to ensure a dish is vegan.  At the Siam Terrace location, they have brown rice, but I didn't see it on the menu at My Thai.  It was busy when were visited, but I will ask next time.  We'll definitely dine at My Thai again.  (They have delivery, as well.)


Dana said...

We have eaten at My Thai twice now, and both times the service has been very friendly and quick. My only concern was whether or not the staff understood what I was asking when inquiring about fish sauces and pastes. They seemed pretty certain the dishes we ordered were fine.

Curious about the Pad Thai. I have been told at other restaurants that it is not a dish to "veganize" because taking out the oil (or sauce) takes away its distinctive flavor. Do you know what My Thai left out to make it vegan?

VeganLinda said...

We get to know the owners very quickly at local restaurants and they remember us. :-)

We usually don't order Pad Thai when we are traveling because of the fish sauce issue. I have had omni friends eat some of our Pad Thai before and they say it tastes different, but to my knowledge I've never had it with fish sauce so I think it tastes normal. My favorite Pad Thai in town is the Y Eatery on campus. They are under new management, but I think they have kept the menu the same.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to find out that this is Siam Terrace's second location. I LOVE Siam Terrace. Their yellow curry with tofu is my favorite dish. But when I ordered it my My Thai it was awful. At Siam the tofu is in tiny pieces and fried up very firm. At My Thai the tofu was in big triangle and was mushy.

My daughter and I shared an order of fresh spring rolls and they were basically lettuce in a rice paper wrap. No flavor at all.

I was so disappointed because it is a pretty convenient location for us. And it was way too expensive...take out was over $30!

VeganLinda said...


The owner stated that they can make anything at My Thai the way they do at Siam Terrace, just tell your server. They are giving My Thai its own taste, but don't hesitate to ask for the dish the way you prefer.

I love yellow curry, but have never liked the one at Siam Terrace so we didn't order it at My Thai. I find it too sweet. Thara Thai has the best yellow curry, in my opinion.

It is nice to have more Thai options in town and I wish them well.